Professional GPS tracking solutions

Software for private and industrial use. Add any GPS-enabled device, company’s truck, mobile phone and start tracking in seconds.


Mobile Apps and Web Interface allows you to track on nearly every device including Apple iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows.

Accurate Locator

Based on latest GPS technologies such as GLONASS and sophisticated location software to provide real-time accurate location.

Safe & Secure

Uses latest encryption protocol and modern chips to provide secure data transmission from server to the client.

Flexible & Powerful

Seamless user interface makes use of service as simple as only few mouse clicks or finger touches yet powerful servers across the world process the real-time tracking.

High compatibility

We based on modern software that makes use APIs and so specific drivers are no more needed meaning you can use every device that has GPS chip or GPS tracker.

"Thanks to your GPS service, I can follow the movement of my trucks through different regions without fear"

Simplice TENE
Trucks Owner

"My vehicle is safe thanks to your high-tech geolocation system."

Hardware store

"I can finally control my fleet of taxis from my phone, thanks to the smartphone app and know the detours of my drivers"

Emmanuel MEYE
Propriétaire de Taxis

"With the ability to get the history of mini-bus movements, and fuel control, I no longer lose fuel."